Vacation dreams

I’ve been working my butt off lately, balancing my day job and my writing jobs, so of course I’ve been dreaming of someday going on vacation. And not just any little weekend getaway – I hope to spend some time in England someday.

My obsession with going overseas started while watching the History Channel one day, many years ago. They had one of their haunted history specials on around Halloween, and this particular episode centered around the Tower of London. I love a good haunted, historic place (part of why I enjoyed Gettysburg so much.)

It’s not just London that I want to see though. I love small towns, ancient buildings, cool scenery, historic places, cars that drive on the wrong side of the road with their cool number plates

I’d have to take a month off just to see everything. Stongehenge is near the top of my list. I also would like to see the Cotwolds, tour old castles, and marvel at buildings that were standing before the United States even existed. Not to mention a visit to Shakespeare’s Globe Theater. He’s the number one reason why my favorite class in high school was British Literature.

It’s going to be years before I can afford to go there on vacation, but England is definitely on my list. That and Egypt, but that’s a blog for another time.


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