Random thoughts

I received my car registrations renewal on Saturday. I’m tempted to upgrade to the new Beautiful Ohio plates even though they cost more. I think they’re pretty, and I’m tired of my old ones. Josh was picking on me, because every time a new style comes out I have to upgrade to it. Oh, well.

I’m going to have to dig up a picture of my old car, because all of this talk about license plates makes me think of her. Yes, my first car was a Her, and she was named The Ladybug. She was a bright, bright red Ford Aspire with a swooshy pinstripe down each side.

I  wound up with a new cat a few weekends ago. She was thrown in a dumpster by her former owners and was rescued by my husband. We wound up keeping her in the bathroom, away from the other cats for about a day, and since we didn’t find her another home during that time frame, we got attached to her. So, she’s staying. Her name is now Isis, which sounds better than Bathroom Cat (BC).

Al, my Work Pet, has started hanging around a lot more. There’s some speculation that he has lost his mate and is lonely, so he adopted us. All I know if that when he sees someone standing by the front door, he comes running over all excited. Here’s a picture of him:


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