Al, my “work pet”

Before you read the title of this post and start thinking that I’m insane, last summer there were two Canadian Geese that hung around the building that I work in. I (or one of my co-workers) would feed them daily, so they just wandered around the area. One of them even stood outside my boss’ office one day and honked at him in search of food. I named them “Al” and “Timmy.” They vanished last September, and I hadn’t seen hide nor hair of them until last week.

I have no idea if it is the same goose or not, but I’ve convinced myself that it is. After all, when I go outside to feed him, he doesn’t fly away – he actually moves closer to where I’m standing, almost like he recognizes me. It more than likely isn’t the same one, since any goose that is getting fed will move towards the source of the food, but humor me anyway.


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